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Let it snow! | Michigan Photographer

The view out of my office windows looks like a Christmas Card – so I couldn’t keep all this beauty to myself.

Our neighbor’s tree with the swing… so gorgeous!

Our new house… I can’t wait to decorate the outside for Christmas… but that will have to wait until next year. We are currently only on about project 12 out of 1,000,012. haha

And this… well, I couldn’t turn this black and white. There is this cute church across the street and beyond that was this little grove of pine trees with the blue cloudy sky above them. (…on closer inspection – I think it is a cemetery! That would explain the trees in the middle of nowhere!)

I hope you enjoyed these! Just something to remember when you are shoveling slush.:)

  • Laura - I love it Maribeth. It is beautiful. It reminds me of our “old” house we lived in Lansing for 7 years! We would wrap green garland (is that was that stuff is called?) and white lights around the post on our old house, it was so pretty! I really miss the character and charm of that old house. What year was yours built? Ours was built in 1912. One thing we noticed from moving into a cap code, 1960ish home was the our heating bill dropped way down. We were really suprised. So insulate really well and it will help! :)

  • sylvia l - very pretty and with a calming feeling.

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