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Happy New Year!

I think I am in denial about it being 2010 already!  2009 was a strange year… the first part went by at a busy, but less-than-frantic pace.  I’m sure that getting settled in our house plus the longest arctic-feeling winter in a long time had something to do with the dragging of time.  THEN July hit and everything started going at warp speed… not to slow down at all for the rest of the year.  It was like being in a paddle boat, enjoying the scenery and then some nut (and we know who that was – yes, me) sneaks a race-quality speedboat motor on the back of it just for kicks.  Adventurous – sure.  Great times – yes.  Crazy – absolutely.

So, I decided that I was going to not work at all during Christmas break – just hang out with the family and play Norman Rockwell.  It was either that or consider crawling into bed and hibernating like a bear, with only good books and a bottle of wine to carry me through.  If bears don’t hibernate like that, they totally should!  As great as either option fantasy sounded, my body decided to get sick – yucky, nasty, want-to-hook-up-the-Dyson-to-my-sinus’ sick.  One thing is for sure – that WILL slow you down!  And as no fun as that was (and still is – enough already!), slowing down was much needed.  Being a wife, a mother of four (+ two goldendoodle puppies now!!!), a should-get-fired housekeeper (haha) plus running a busy photography business and being a partner in a new design business… well it all got to be a wee bit much.  Since each and every part of my life is something I LOVE and enjoy, and I really wanted to also avoid the place with the padded walls – I knew I had to make some changes in order to be able to give my family and clients the best (that they deserve!).

I also want to have time to blog!  (last post was mid-September – w.o.w.)

About those changes… 

The first and the biggest is that I will be taking an extended hiatus from photographing weddings.  I absolutely love weddings, but the work/time commitment is extremely extensive for this perfectionist. :)  There are a couple of weddings that I have scheduled for this year already (including my baby sister who just got engaged over Christmas and will be getting married in July!  Congrats Malanee and Sam!), however I will not be doing any additional weddings this year or in 2011.  Since I don’t like to say never, we’ll just leave it at that for now.  I will still be offering Engagement Sessions and Contemporary ‘Beautiful’ Sessions.

Secondly, I will be accepting a very limited number of sessions for January through April in order to have a much needed breather.  With exception to the sessions already scheduled, I will only be scheduling newborn sessions or milestone sessions (such as 6mo or a birthday) during these months (January-April).

***If you called or emailed me over the holiday break, I am working each day to find the bottom of my inbox and return all calls.  I will be getting back with the remaining inquiries by tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience.***

I will try my best to quelch those above mentioned perfectionistic tendencies and just post more… there are so many sessions I would love to share with you as well as a little more of… well… just life – simply my life.  ~ Mary Beth


  • Angela Bergsma - Way to go! Just my style…did this last year and WOW it helped me enjoy life better…baby steps. I am changing boundaries each year because life changes each year too…changing with it…cutting more out this year and so excited for 2010…a year to enjoy LIFE. It goes by too fast…realizing this especially of late! Blessings on a great year! (LOVE our calender magnet by the way! Thanks!)

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