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guessing game

I was hanging out with our 3-year-old daughter this morning by the Christmas tree.  I pointed to the largest present in the room and told her that it was hers – much to her delight.  Our conversation went like this…

me:  “What do you think is in your present?”

her:  “a hat”

me:  “a hat???  any other guesses?”

her:  “or maaaybe a Christmas tree…  oooor a ball!”

me:  “a Christmas tree or a ball?  hmmm, interesting”

her:  “ooo – ooo – ooo… maaaaybe a Christmas ball!!!”

…just had to share.

  • Her Daddy - I am so buying her a ball today!

  • Becky - I think her Oma better get her the hat, I even have a hat box I could give her!

    I love reading you blog, thanks Mary Beth for making me smile so many days, I bet you had no idea you impact my life on a weekly basis. ~Becky

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